Steve Kusak, Pilot in China

My "China National Aviation Corporation" personal page


This is not the official CNAC  website

CNAC’s official website has a page for each pilot who flew for the company. I consider this page to be my personal extension of my father’s page on that site.

With CNAC uniform 1943My father in Kunming 1945 after victory.

Steve Kusak joined CNAC in 1943 and in the same year came to China-Burma-India (CBI) to fly the Hump. Like all CNAC pilots who flew the Hump, he was a volunteer. He stayed in the orient flying for CNAC and CAT until 1957.

I am Diego Kusak, his son. I am currently living in Kunming. I came here on a personal mission, part of which is to process the vast amounts of personal and professional papers and images from my father’s experience during the period.

There are many untold stories about the volunteers that came to help China during the 1940's.

This is going to be a ‘Work in Progress’ site for quite a while to come. I hope to have a blog attached to it soon – if I can figure out how to do it, that is. I realize that if I wait to have a perfect site I will never publish it. This website is intended for a small group of aviation history enthusiasts.

All views expressed here are my own. Every day I get new information, and my understanding of history changes. I am not an expert, and I welcome constructive criticism.

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